Jewell Jones
A lifelong resident of the City of Inkster, Jewell Jones made history when he was sworn in November 2015 as the youngest person to ever sit on the City Council of Inkster, Michigan. Yet, Jewell continues to make a difference in the community and positive impact on public policy. 

His effectiveness as a Councilman blossomed into a successful, record-breaking campaign during the summer of 2016. Jewell was selected to be the Democratic Nominee in the 11th State House District, and he went on to win the General Election, becoming the youngest State Representative in Michigan’s history, as well as the youngest lawmaker in the country. Since then, he’s been re-elected, and still remains one of the youngest lawmakers in the nation.

Jewell is also a former U.S. Army Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadet, a former member of the Michigan National Guard, a Senior Deacon at his church, an Auxiliary Police Officer, and a senior, pursuing a Political Science and Business Studies degree at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Jewell is passionate, and committed, about engaging more people in democratic citizenship, cultural enrichment, and sustainable business development.

IG: @jewelljonesmi
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Rolesta Brooks
The true definition of motherhood, Rolesta Brooks is a mother of 4, retired army officer, and entrepreneur. Rolesta owns MILFS Training LLC here in Columbus, GA  MILFS,  short for Moms Into Lifting Fitness and Support Training was created to inspire, encourage, and uplift women with an emphasis on mothers. Rolesta is also a published Author of her book: The Heaven and Hell of Friendship. Rolesta's ambition has also lead her to own Right Way Truckage and her most recent collaboration venture Self-Care Essentials in Peachtree Mall was created by her to allow other women in beauty/self-care business to have a place to sell their products. 
Published Author, Business Owner, Army Veteran, and An Amazing Mother, Rolesta Brooks is a boss to watch.
Lekeshia Cody
Lekeshia Cody is a mother of two, and a woman of empowerment. She is a Life Coach for moms & the founder of The Praying Single Mom community. She also serves by way of podcasting on her two shows, The Praying Single Mom podcast and The House My Mindset Built. 
Jaira Williams
Jaira B. is a veteran, entrepreneur, author, beauty influencer, and strength coach from Columbus, Ga based in Atlanta, GA. A multifaceted talent with aspirations of using my platforms to share life experiences, positivity and encouragement with women all over the world. As an entrepreneur, I have created "Pretty Mink'd Out" a standalone beauty brand, The Sistah-Hood Decoded podcast and YouTube series alongside other digital products and services. I have dedicated my efforts to serve my “Sistah-Hood” as an advocate for embracing inner beauty and finding strength from within. In addition to continually demonstrating how to make your visions visible, I drive a culture of visionary leadership by example.
Darius Prather
Photographer, Local Activist and Systems Engineer.
Darius Prather, a long-time photographer has used his presence to contribute to local causes within the city such as Not a Con, Afro Hippy Daze, Black Panther fundraising initiatives and is an active voice in local civil rights protests and causes.